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We are a full-service recycling equipment company providing waste management solutions to the Tri-state area

Space-Saving Mastery: Compact Waste Storage Solutions for NYC Businesses

In the heart of the bustling metropolis of New York City, waste management is an ever-growing challenge. The rising rat population, coupled with the escalating volumes of garbage lining our sidewalks, requires innovative solutions.

At Nanoia/Frath, we’ve recognized these pressing issues and have crafted a solution tailored to meet both NYC and DSNY’s stringent requirements.

Enter the Bramidan B4 Baler, a pioneering tool designed specifically for high-rise residential buildings in NYC, ensuring efficient waste and recycling management.

Tackling DSNY Regulations Head-On:

The Department of Sanitation, New York (DSNY) recently introduced mandates that have significantly changed the game for NYC waste management. These new regulations, which include trash and recycling outputs post 8pm and a weight cap of 50lb per bag or bundle, have undeniably increased the pressure on building staff.

From storage challenges to labor concerns and the logistical complexities of curbside placement, these mandates are daunting. However, the Bramidan B4 Baler from Nanoia/Frath emerges as a beacon of hope – a DSNY-approved and Union-endorsed solution adept at handling cardboard, plastic, and metal waste.

Unraveling the Benefits of the Bramidan B4 Baler:

This revolutionary baler promises a plethora of advantages tailored to simplify waste management:

  • Curbside Efficiency: Reduce the visibility of cardboard and metal/plastic recycling by 75%. The B4’s incredible efficiency means that 10 bales are equivalent to 50-60 bags of waste.
  • Swift Sanitation: Diminish the waiting time of sanitation trucks by a whopping 80% during waste collections.
  • DSNY Compliance: Align perfectly with DSNY’s curbside outputs and weight directives, ensuring you sidestep any potential violations or summons.
  • Cost and Labor Efficiency: Notably diminish labor and bag expenses.

Spotlight on the B4 Baler’s Features:

The B4 Baler’s magic isn’t just rooted in its efficacy but also its user-centric design:

  • Compact Powerhouse: The B4 Smart Baler is conveniently compatible with a standard dedicated 15A 110V outlet.
  • User-Friendly Design: Equipped with an intuitive notification system when full and a cellular modem for remote diagnostics and service.
  • Designed for NYC: With its modest height (6.5 ft.) and base area (3 ft.), the B4 is the perfect fit for spaces within the city’s constraints.
  • Safety First: Ensures user safety with a two-hand ejection mechanism for releasing finished bales.
  • Quiet Operation: Its sub-60 dB noise level guarantees minimal disruptions.
  • DSNY-Ready Bales: All B4 outputs align seamlessly with DSNY collection specifications.

When you opt for the Bramidan B4 Baler via Nanoia/Frath, you’re investing in a holistic service. We offer a complimentary site survey, hassle-free delivery, thorough installation, comprehensive staff training, and a generous supply of twine. And our commitment doesn’t end post-purchase.

With 8 service vehicles operating daily, we pledge unwavering support for all the equipment we vend.

In essence, the Bramidan B4 Baler transcends being merely a product. It’s a holistic answer to the intricate maze of waste management challenges that NYC presents. For a transformative waste management experience, partner with Nanoia/Frath today.

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A family owned company, Nanoia Baling Machines and Frath Machinery Corp was established in 1985 to provide quality recycling equipment and supplies to the greater NYC metropolitan market.

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