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Nanoia Recycling Equipment

We are a full-service recycling equipment company providing waste management solutions to the Tri-state area

Nanoia 60S Multi-Material Full Eject Baler

Nanoia ProPAK 60S Multi-Material Full Eject Baler
  • Distribution & Warehousing
  • Manufacturing Byproduct
  • Shredded Corrugated, Folding Carton Stock and Coated Stock
  • Recycled Corrugated Containers (OCC)
  • Molded Fiber Products
  • Newsprint Including Onp
  • Mixed and Office Paper
  • Shredded Paper
  • Textile
  • Foam
  • PET & HDPE Bottles
  • Plastic Film
  • Aluminum Cans (UBC)
  • Steel Cans
  • Carpet and Padding
  • Aluminum Radiators
  • Aluminum Wire & Clip
  • Copper Wire & Clip

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