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Successful Relocation of a Large Open End Cardboard Baler to New Jersey

In the ever-evolving landscape of recycling and waste management, flexibility and efficiency are paramount. Nanoia Recycling Equipment recently demonstrated these qualities by successfully relocating a large open end cardboard baler from a closing facility to a larger location in New Jersey. This move exemplifies Nanoia’s commitment to sustainability and operational adaptability.

The Need for Relocation

The decision to relocate the baler came as the original facility was scheduled for closure. Understanding the importance of maintaining productivity and recycling capabilities, Nanoia stepped in to ensure that the valuable equipment continued to serve its purpose in a new, larger facility in New Jersey.

Challenges and Planning

Logistical Planning:

  • The relocation of such a large piece of equipment required meticulous planning. The size and complexity of open end cardboard balers meant that every detail of the move—from the initial dismantling to transportation and reinstallation—needed careful consideration.

Minimizing Downtime:

  • A key objective was to minimize downtime. Nanoia’s team worked diligently to schedule and execute the move swiftly, ensuring that the new facility could resume recycling operations as quickly as possible.

Execution of the Move

Dismantling and Preparation:

  • The first step involved safely dismantling the baler. Nanoia’s technicians ensured that all components were securely and systematically disassembled, labeled, and prepared for transport.


  • Specialized transportation was arranged to handle the large and heavy components of the baler. The route and logistics were planned to ensure a smooth transit from the old facility to New Jersey, considering factors like road conditions and transport regulations.

Reinstallation and Testing:

At the New Jersey facility, the baler was meticulously reassembled. Following installation, comprehensive testing was conducted to ensure that the machine was fully operational and met all safety and performance standards.

Benefits of the Relocation

Continued Recycling Efforts:

  • By relocating the baler, Nanoia helped ensure that large volumes of cardboard waste could continue to be efficiently recycled, supporting sustainability initiatives and reducing waste in landfills.

Enhanced Operational Capacity:

  • The larger facility in New Jersey offers more space and capacity for recycling operations, allowing for increased processing of recyclable materials and improving overall efficiency.

Nanoia’s Commitment

This successful project is a testament to Nanoia Recycling Equipment’s dedication to supporting clients through transitions and changes. We understand that equipment needs can evolve, and we are here to provide solutions that ensure continuity and efficiency in recycling operations.

Looking Ahead

As industries continue to evolve and expand, Nanoia remains at the forefront, ready to assist with all recycling equipment needs—from relocation to maintenance and new installations.

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